Crew Leader
City of Burnsville - 14 years

14 years as member of MPSTMA/MSTMA

I am the department liaison with the recreation department where I work to streamline communication and cooperation between the two departments. Responsible for scheduling and purchasing materials needed for projects as well as developing and tracking the HOC budget. My responsibilities also include hiring seasonal staff for the various parks department areas.

Why are you running for office? 
I have been a member of the Minnesota chapter of the STMA for 14 years and a member of the national organization for 16. In that time, I have benefited from countless workshops, as well as the networking opportunities that this organization provides. I am very interested in taking a role helping the MPSTMA continue to be a great organization and resource for its members as well as the municipalities and businesses they work for.

What issues should MPSTMA focus on for the future of the association?

I feel that there will be continued pressure on department budgets that the MPSTMA could possibly help with by holding seminars that address working through tight budgets. The addition of the round table discussions has been great and I would like to see more of these with various park maintenance topics. I would also like to ensure that the membership numbers stay strong and the MPSTMA keeps themselves in the forefront of the parks maintenance world.