Public Service Worker - Athletic Field and Park Maintenance
City of St. Louis Park - 3 years

2 years as member of MPSTMA

My main duties with the City of St. Louis Park are related to athletic field maintenance.
As a full time staff member I help maintain 15 softball/baseball fields throughout the city.
I am also in charge of field layout and regular striping/maintenance on about 12 soccer fields, and 4 football fields.

Why are you running for office? 
MPSTMA has given me the opportunity to network and learn from many great professionals in the field,
and by running for office I would like to continue this way of thinking and spread knowledge to others in the field.
The many events that MPSTMA puts on throughout the year are a great way to do this, and I would like to continue
helping to make these events successful.

What issues should MPSTMA focus on for the future of the association?
MPSTMA should continue to focus on providing up to date information in our industry through workshops,
networking picnics, and monthly newsletters.