Manager of Grounds
Bethel University - 14 years

12 years as a member of MPSTMA/MSTMA

I am responsible for the management of all grounds maintenance programs for Bethel University’s 240 acre main campus and the 40 acre east campus.  My responsibilities include pavements/hardscapes, natural areas, landscape areas, trees, and turf management. Included in this is 11 acres of sports turf, a majority of which is natural turf. 

Why are you running for office? 
Over the years I have really benefitted from my involvement in the MPSTMA/MSTMA. I have learned a lot from workshops over the years and have developed relationships that have impacted the way that I do my job. I am running for office because I want to serve the organization that has helped me so much so that the MPSTMA can continue to help others in similar positions in the industry.

What issues should MPSTMA focus on for the future of the association?
What I have found most beneficial in my involvement with the MPSTMA has been the relationships that I have developed. I would want to focus on continuing to find new ways of creating and shaping events that help the people within the organization get more connected. I think promoting these relationships allows people to learn from each other through the exchange of ideas and through hearing about others’ past successes and failures.