Senior Turf Specialist
Reinders, Inc. - 8 years

27 years as member of MPSTMA, MSTMA and MPSA

I currently manage over 100 active customer accounts providing agronomic solutions, information and products to professional turf managers primarily within the sports turf and lawn care sectors.  This includes building trusting relationships, maintaining open communication and putting the client’s interest first.  It’s all about listening to client’s needs and challenges and working together to discover and implement solutions.  I also do my best to serve the needs and to volunteer my services within professional organizations I belong to, including the MPSTMA, MASMS, MAC & other peripheral groups. Serving in this role allows me to pursue other things I like to do including writing, speaking and consulting.

I feel the need to step-up our social media presence to expand our web reach, to actively promote MPSTMA membership benefits and association events/activities.  As it currently stands, our lack of social media input on the platforms we have (Facebook & Twitter) shows our lack of commitment to it and it could be sending a luke-warm message to viewers.  At some point, and we’ve most likely reached it with many viewers (members and nonmembers), they quit visiting our social media sites due to lack of activity.

Why are you running for office?
To give back. To stay involved in industry activities. To stay connected with industry leaders and issues. To network. In my way of thinking, being active within professional organizations is the fun part of my job.

What issues should MPSTMA focus on for the future of the association? 
• Promoting its benefits
• Growing membership, especially outstate
• Continue to explore ways to foster a mutually beneficial relationship with MASMS
• Being a servant to our members.  Helping them identify and address pertinent issues that create obstacles toward achieving their needs & goals
• Help them advance professionally and to communicate
• Identify and address environmental/sustainability issues that will imminently effect the way they maintain their ball fields and campus grounds